Thursday, October 28, 2010

3D art I- metalsmiths!

I went to KU.... starting out I was studying to be a science teacher... SCIENCE. Wow. I was inspired by a really great science teacher in high school. After a semester, it was clear my passion was still in art (something I had talked about teaching as well). When I started out, I was stuck in design and drawing... paying my dues, learning the basics. When I started a basic metals class- I was in love! I choose metal as an emphasis for my art education major and then later added it as a second major. I couldn't get enough. I still love to make jewelry (feel free to check out my etsy store!) and more than that I love to teach others to make jewelry! These are projects we've spent most of the 9 weeks on. Students learned to saw, file, sand, solder, set stones, and polish. Whew.

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