Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Art Exploration Students started out with a pretty great project...

OK, to start with this project is completely stolen. But then, aren’t most art projects? This one is stolen from:

a. My friend Jessica McLaughlin. She has GREAT ideas, used to be the art teacher here, and doesn’t mind sharing.

b. A guy named Giuseppe Arcimboldo that lived in the 1500’s. He did lots of traditional-conservative paintings, but no one remembers those. What people remember now are his crazy-surreal paintings where he uses fruits and veggies to create portraits.

c. An illustrator from Israel named Hanoch Piven. He does portraits using random objects which he then photographs and uses for all kinds of things. He has some great kids books, my favorite is The Scary Show of Mo and Jo. I may have read this book, aloud, to your kids!

Students created self portraits using really random supplies.....

Here are just a few examples!