Thursday, November 5, 2009

Polaroid Transfers... and learning to Matte Work!

We went on a photo adventure about a month ago. You may have seen us out and about... wondering the streets of Hoyt... we may have been in your yard! With us we took a couple of very old cameras. These are not the camera's of my youth, but the cameras of my fathers youth! Actually, one of them was his as a lad. After taking the photos we transferred the slimy, thin, transparent image film onto wood or paper. I love the wrinkles and aged quality you get from this type of photography. After we finished the process, I taught these art exploration students to Matte their work. This is always a little challenging... with rulers, thumbnail sketches, and MATH! The end result is impressive. These are in the hall for a few more days. Come see for yourself!

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