Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Club Trip- Chicago

All smiles in Topeka, bright and early. Ready for a road trip.

Breaking up the drive a bit, we stopped in St. Louis to visit one of my favorite places, the City Museum.

We had a great place to stay, thanks to priceline! The girls took turns with the map, trying to figure out how to find things like museums and performances. They did a great job.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was about a block from our hotel. It was our first stop. After leaving the museum we headed to the L...

I didn't plan this so well... as half the city was headed in the same direction for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. We had to deal with crowds of people, a sea of green for sure!
We saw some interesting sea life at the Shedd Aquarium.

And enjoyed Blue Man Group.... this jello was flung right at the girls!

Overall it was a great trip. Thanks to all of you that have helped to support art club and these adventures!

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